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Terms and Conditions

Digital Bucketlist Travel & Tours Exchange (DBTTEX)



○ Update Bulletin/Circular is issued to all exhibitors of DBTTEX, before and during the event proper;

○ Registration is strictly online. The deadline is 19 October 2020.
○ Online exhibitors can only choose one “Plan”:

○ PHILTOA Plan – Exclusive only to PHILTOA active members (as of 2019) and enjoy a registration fee of Php 2,500.00;

○ DOT (Department of Tourism) Plan – Only for LGU’s, Government and DOT accredited enterprises ( as of 2019 and enjoy a registration fee of Php 2,500.00;

○ Tourismo Plan – For tourism-related enterprises that do not qualify under PHILTOA or DOT Plan. The applicable registration fee is Php 4,500.00

○ Registration fee includes the company dashboard with the e-wallet system to conduct online transactions (search, book, pay, finalize).

○ Exhibitors may participate in B to B meetings as Seller or Buyer.

○ Exhibitors can register and post their packages according to the template with an unlimited number of products to post. The best available promotional prices are encouraged.

○ Published rates are should be :

○ Quoted in pesos good for 2 persons traveling together.

○ Validity Period should be from November 2020 to December 2021.

○ Travel vouchers can be issued, open-dated with the same validity period.

○ Inclusive of 5% (five percent) transaction charge.

○ Exhibitors may proceed to list their packages/products upon receipt and verification of payment.

○ Tagging should include either the company name, location, or destination. Exhibitors can use unlimited locations (listing) with a maximum of 50 products under each location.

○ Exhibitors are responsible for creating the products and package listing including enhancement with detailed conditions on the inclusions and validity. Amendments or any changes as to the price, package inclusions, and product details.

○ Upon purchase of the package, the owner (exhibitor) of the package issues an automated receipt with confirmation of details of the products and its inclusions and contact details.

○ The buyer (consumer) may contact the exhibitor by phone, chat, or email for additional services. Additional charges can be settled online.

○ B to B meetings mechanics will be provided on another platform.

○ PHILTOA and Tourismo shall not be held liable/accountable for any arrangements and/or communications between the Exhibitor and Consumers’ transactions.

○ In any case of dispute in the interpretation of the herein mentioned conditions, PHILTOA’s decision shall be final and binding.



○ Upon registration to DBTTEX constitutes a contract and affirms the company/organizations’ availment of which plan may apply and participation to the Digital Bucketlist Travel and Tour Exchange subject to the booking, cancellation, and payment conditions.


○ Participation fees must be paid only at the available payment options provided. No payment will be accepted by PHILTOA Secretariat or at the PHILTOA office.


By clicking the submit button/checking the box, you agree and certify that you have read, understood, and accepted the conditions mentioned in this contract for the Digital Bucketlist Travel and Tour Exchange to be held on 23-25 October 2020. All information/data gathered shall be deemed confidential and will not be disclosed/used either by Tourismo PH or PHILTOA for their personal use.


We also agree to your Terms and we have read your Data Use Policy and Cookie use.



Partner: = Exhibitor

Subscriber: = Consumer or Public

Listing: = Product Category


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